Custom Wordpress Theme Development
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Custom Wordpress Theme Development

The Client

SPACE ESPORTS is one of the most recognized gaming tournament influencers in North America, specializing in asymmetrical multiplayer events.

Esports Event Production

The Project

Before being hired on as the Creative Art Director for Space Esports, I was hired to build them a futuristic website that could help them manage and book events online. Being the organization was called Space Esports, I knew exactly what to do.

Also take a look at my graphics portfolio work for Space Esports.

  • Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • Customized Event booking system
    • Event Data Creation through WordPress admin for ease of use
    • Custom admin controls for events (max players per event, sign-up expiration, player signup data stored for admin use, etc)
    • CSV export of event signup data
  • Player Sign up and Profile Creation
    • After creating a profile, users could sign up for unlimited events with a simple form.
  • Blog for additional announcements
  • Advanced custom fields
  • Custom Post Types for custom Event Categories

  • WordPress, PHP, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Javascript, XML, AJAX, JSON
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
*The site on display is a clone site hosted on my domain for preservation. Unfortunately, Space Esports is no longer hosted at